Becoming an Animated Film Maker: Story & Character Course

Teacher: Mattias Mälk

Tallinn Summer School and the Estonian Academy of Arts offer you a chance to take your very first steps in becoming an animated film maker as you take part in this 5 day animated film story and character course

How to brainstorm film ideas? How to tell a compelling story with moving pictures and how to design characters that will compliment your story?
These and more questions will be tackled as you acquire the theory to think like an animated film maker and emerge from the course with character concepts, a storyboard and an animatic for your very own would-be animated short.

The first day of this course is aimed to get the imaginative juices flowing as participants engage both solely and as teams in creative story exercises. The following days will further flesh out your own short animated film story as students try multiple story structures and pitch their ideas back and forth. As the outline for the final short animated film is forming, character concept will be introduced, culminating in drawn character turnaround sheets. The drawing continues, accompanied by theory of transferring a story idea into moving pictures, as the final short story finds its way onto a storyboard and later on into an animatic. The course leaves you with a ready-to-pitch package of your very own short animated film concept with which to approach the possibility of making it into a finalized animated film.

The course is suitable for all who are interested in the theory and practice of animated filmmaking. Only basic English and drawing skills are required for this course so as to express your story ideas both in oral and visual form. Any material that is needed for this course will be provided by the animation department. The course is limited to 12 participants.

Time: July 25 – July 31, 2014
Place: Baltic Film and Media School 
Price: 315.-