Searching for jewellery in Tallinn

Teacher: Kaire Rannik

The Jewellery Creations Workshop is the place to begin your artistic journey into the world of jewellery making. Exploration of contemporary jewellery in a variety of materials.

The course will focus on possible presentations of impressions of the city (Tallinn) followed by discussions concerning its relevance and meanings. Individual and group exercises will help participants to understand core concepts, discover new ideas and bring them into material reality. The student will start with a close observation of Tallinn: architecture, life, sound, movement on the whole and in detail, will take photos, make drawings to find the field of major interest. This investigation will then be transformed in material and form.
We will made models of different materials and visual study. Different materials ( no precious metals and stones) are included in the price. 

Time: July 25 – July 31, 2014
Place: Hobusepea 2
Price: 340.-